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The Real Questions We Want Answered About NFL Quarterbacks

This is the point in the year when I miss NFL the most.  I enjoy and appreciate all major sports in North America, and now that NBA and NHL are winding down in the next couple weeks, it's football that I really miss.

As we prepare for training camps, preseason, and fantasy football I was researching a few article ideas to que up for in July.  As it is with most of us, my research usually starts with Google.  I'll save the thoughtful statistical analysis garb for another day.   But in the meantime I thought it would be fun to take a look at Google's auto-fill feature, which presents the popular searches, and see what NFL fans (and non-fans) really want to know about their favorite quarterbacks.

Aaron Rodgers
He plays for the Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl winning quarterback, heck he even stars in State Farm commercials...why is he famous again?

Aaron -Rodgers

Tom Brady
Yes he's "so good", and he's selling his house...move along now.

Tom -Brady

Peyton Manning
Amazingly for most of the elite quarterbacks, the first auto fill result is about how good they are.  Poor Peyton, America wants to know why he's so annoying and why he has such a big head.

Peyton Manning

Andrew Luck
The Colts young star is good, overrated, and ugly...line up ladies!

Andrew -Luck

Ben Roethlisberger
I know the answer to one of those questions...

Ben -Roethlisberger

Matthew Stafford
Anyone other than the Detroit Lions interested in a fat sidearm throwing quarterback?

Matt -stafford

Colin Kaepernick
Well we know he's part of an ongoing police investigation in Miami - but that doesn't explain why he's "such a douche".

Colin -Kaepernick

Drew Brees
He's famous because he currently holds all these records in the NFL, oh yeah and a Super Bowl. The rest are all fair questions.

Drew -Brees

Eli Manning
Well son, Eli is "in trouble" because he had his worst season in the NFL since his rookie year.  He threw a career high 27 interceptions and was sacked an incredible 39 times. 

Eli -Manning

Joe Flacco
The Ravens quarterback is not elite, he is bad.  He followed up a Super Bowl with his worst statistical season ever.

Joe -Flacco

Mark Sanchez
Hands down the most accurate search suggestions I saw.

Mark -Sanchez

Michael Vick
Many years later, no one seems to care about his football career.

Michael -Vick

Philip Rivers
Now this one really had me thinking.  I know why he is not a favorite among NFL fans, and how that could lead to him being perceived as a douchebag.  But the marmalard and laserface references were new to me.

Phillip -Rivers2

Robert Griffin III
He's not playing because he was benched, but I have now idea why he's "the third".


Ryan Fitzpatrick
I feel like I watch a ton of football and football highlights.  And being force fed a lot of Buffalo Bills games in Canada I'm surprised I didn't know he coined his own nickname "Amish Rifle". #Harvard

Ryan -Fitzpatrick

Sam Bradford
I bet these suggested searches haven't changed much lately.

Sam -Bradford

Google is constantly refining it's algorithm to perfect search results, which is why it's the most popular site in the world.  It's amazing when you distance yourself from being a sports fan, you take for granted how the general population views some of the most popular athletes in North America.  They want to know why they are good, bad, fat, ugly...and most importantly a "marmalard".

Onward and upward from here, I promise.

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