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The Top 50 NFL Minds to follow on Twitter

There's no questioning the power of Twitter and how quickly sports fans are able to get breaking news and analysis. 

Whether you're an NFL fan or diehard, here is our list of 50 people worth following for breaking news, injuries, perspectives, picks, and sometimes even comedic relief.

Aaron Schatz -
Innovative statistical analysis on the NFL
Adam Schefter
 - ESPN NFL Insider, one of the first to break news.  Especially useful on Sunday's before kickoff to learn who's active and inactive.
Andrew Brandt - ESPN NFL Business Analyst, offering excellent insight into player contracts, disipline and salary cap issues.
AP NFL - Culmination of Associated Press writers keeping you updated on breaking news.

Beyond The Bets - An honest eye for interesting trends, odds and spreads on football.
Bill Barnwell - Our favorite NFL writer at
Brian Billick - Former NFL Coach and Analyst
Brian Burke - Creator of Advanced NFL Stats, some of the most exceptional statistical analysis on the web.
Charles Davis -
Fox and NFL Network analyst, also a bonus source of insight on NCAA BCS happenings
Chase Stuart - Freelance writer and curator of offers up excellent statistical analysis for NFL junkies.
Chris Mortensen - ESPN NFL Insider, one of the first to break news.  Especially useful on Sunday's before kickoff
Chris Sprow - Another ESPN insider and self professed rumor curator.
Cris Collinsworth - Lead analyst NBC Sunday Night Football and Showtime's "Inside the NFL"

Daniel Jeremiah - NFL Network analyst also specializing on the Draft.
Don Banks - Sports Illustrated NFL guru
 - News, analysis, and rumors for the Bills, Dolphins, Jets, and Patriots
ESPN AFC North - News, analysis, and rumors for the Bengals, Browns, Ravens, and Steelers
ESPN AFC South - News, analysis, and rumors for the Colts, Jaguars, Texans, and Titans
ESPN AFC West - News, analysis, and rumors for the Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders
ESPN NFC East - News, analysis, and rumors for the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, and Redskins
ESPN NFC North - News, analysis, and rumors for the Bears, Lions, Packers and Vikings.
ESPN NFC South - News, analysis, and rumors for the Buccaneers, Falcons, Panthers, and Texans
ESPN NFC West - News, analysis, and rumors for the 49ers, Cardinals, Rams, and Seahawks

Faux John Madden
 - A comical spin on the latest NFL news
Football Guys (Joe Bryant) - Providing a Fantasy spin on all things NFL
Football Outsiders - Extremely interesting statistical breakdowns of teams, players, and matchups.
Harvard Sports - Tackling all sports, but their NFL quantitative analysis is often mind boggling.


Jason La Canfora - NFL Insider for CBS and
Jay Glazer - NFL Insider for Fox, must put up with UFC/MMA tweets too
Joe Fortenbaugh - Writer at the National Football Post and strong insight on the gambling side of football.
John Clayton - Senior NFL writer for ESPN, one of the best minds in football.  Nicknamed "The Professor"
Judy Battista - NY Times writer for the National Football League

LaVar Arrington - Former Linebacker and radio host with a unique player perspective on all things football.

NFL: Around the League
- Official news source for
NFL Red Zone - A must on Sunday's if you aren't near a TV and want to keep up on minute-by-minute scoring plays
Mark Schlereth (Stink)
 - 3-time Superbowl champ, and ESPN radio host.  One of the most realistic opinions on all things football.
Matt Williamson - NFL Scout
Matthew Berry - ESPN Fantasy Analyst.  A must follow if you're into a Fantasy Football
Michael Silver - Hyper tweeting Yahoo! Sports columnist for the NFL
Mike Pereira - Former head of NFL Officiating, frequently tweets during games about good/bad calls by the officials.
Mike Wilkening - Senior Editor at Pro Football Weekly, and compiles NFL Player Rankings for their annual preview magazine.

Peter King
 - Football writer with Sports Illustrated, generally has inside access to players and coaches.
Pro Football Focus - Thought provoking analysis that goes well beyond the headline news.
Pro Football Talk - The NBC subsidiary dedicated to all things NFL
Pro Football Weekly - Probably the greatest culmanation of minds on the NFL.  Rankings, training camp insights, front office changes.basically everything you don't get on ESPN.

Ralph Mancini -
Part of NFL Draft Bible, College Football Insiders and  A good mix of NFL and NCAA talk.
Ross Tucker - Former NFL Player and radio host.
Rotoworld Football - Summarizing the top stories that affect your Fantasy Football team

Sporting Charts -
visualizing player and team statistics for the NFL (shameless plug!)
 - The foremost supplier of statistics to all major networks and websites, including 

Todd McShay
- ESPN, a hybrid between NFL and NCAA football, providing in-depth scouting information on various players.

Looking for more Twitter accounts to follow, don't forget to follow us @sportingcharts and check out our article on the  Top 50 NBA Minds to follow on Twitter   and Top 50 NHL Minds to follow on Twitter.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know!

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