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Which NFL Teams need the most Offensive Line help?

There's no question that being an offensive lineman in the NFL is a thankless job.  Rarely do you get a ton of credit for a good game. On the other hand if the offense has trouble running the ball or worse yet the quarterback is sacked frequently, the O-Line is usually the first to get the blame.

Rarely do superior offesive lineman hit the free agent market because they are a prized commodity, yet this year Left offensive tackle Jake Long is almost certain to command a $10+ million salary.  Other top lineman available include Sebastian Vollmer, Andre Smith, Phil Loadholt, and Eric Winston.

Below we take a look at the 10 worst teams for allowing sacks and stuffs:

Sacks Allowed
Sacked Percentage measures the rate of quarteback sacks a team suffers for every pass attempt. This statistic gives some indication to the quality of the offensive line and their ability to protect against the pass rush.


Stuffs Allowed
Team stuffed % is a statistic that measures the rate at which a team gets stopped before the line of scrimmage.


The teams that rank at the top of each list shouldn't surprise you too much, a majority of them had a poor record in 2012.  It'll be interesting to see which teams that statistically ranked among the league's worst, will upgrade their offensive line on Tuesday March 12th as free agency starts, and then again in April with the NFL Draft.

Good luck to your team in 2013 NFL Free Agency!


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