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Breaking down NHL Beer Costs: How much does $50 get you?

Whether you're at home, out at the pub with friends, or physically at the game, drinking a cold one and watching a hockey game go hand-in-hand for a lot of us. 

For all the thirsty fans out there, we decided to take a look at which NHL teams have the most affordable beer prices. Specifically, if you and a buddy go to the hockey game with $50 in your pocket, how much malted grain can you expect to consume?

For the purposes of this calculation:

  • Gratuity is excluded
  • Assume $1 USD = $1 CAD (the exchange rate at time of writing) 
  • The prices do not include local and federal sales tax.
  • We used a 16 ounce cup (the standard serving size for beer in most arenas)

Here are how the teams stacked up: 

Rank Team How many Beer does $50 buy? Cost (16 oz.)
1 Colorado Avalanche Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full $4.17
2 Washington Capitals Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half $5.33
3 Buffalo Sabres Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full $5.60
4 St. Louis Blues Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full $5.60
5 Carolina Hurricanes Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q $5.75
6 Dallas Stars Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $6.00
7 Minnesota Wild Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $6.00
8 New York Rangers Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $6.00
9 Chicago Blackhawks Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full $6.20
10 San Jose Sharks Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full $6.25
11 Los Angeles Kings Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q $6.40
12 Ottawa Senators Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half $6.58
13 Pittsburgh Penguins Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half $6.67
14 Anaheim Ducks Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $7.00
15 Vancouver Canucks Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $7.01
16 Winnipeg Jets Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $7.01
17 Boston Bruins Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full $7.25
18 Toronto Maple Leafs Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full $7.26
19 Montreal Canadiens Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q $7.46
20 Calgary Flames Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half $7.63
21 Edmonton Oilers Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half $7.76
22 Detroit Red Wings Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $8.00
23 Florida Panthers Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $8.00
24 New Jersey Devils Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $8.00
25 Phoenix Coyotes Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $8.00
26 Columbus Blue Jackets Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half $9.00
27 Nashville Predators Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -half $9.00
28 New York Islanders Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -1q $9.50
29 Philadelphia Flyers Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q $10.33
30 Tampa Bay Lightning Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -3q $10.67
   NHL Average Beer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -fullBeer -full $7.07

Data Source: Fan Cost Experience

Here are a few things we learned:

  • For every single beer you order at a Lightning game, you'd get 2.7 for the same at an Avalanche game.
  • If you spent $50 on yourself at an Avalanche game, you'd have to drink 4 beer per period. (and take several trips to the restroom!)
  • The cheapest arena in Canada for a beer is at an Ottawa Senators game.
  • The average cost is $7.07 versus $6.06 in 2008.  Up 16.7% in 5 years.

Cheers Hockey Fans!

Side note: Thirst for beer bought the Montreal Canadians, they are owned by a partnership group headed by the Molson Family, famed with creating Canada's largest brewing company.


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