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Comparing Shea Weber's $110 Million Offer Sheet

Nashville Predator restricted free agent Shea Weber has signed an offer sheet with the Philadelphia Flyers worth $110 million over 14 years (averaging $7.86M/season).

The Predators have 7 days to match the offer.

We thought we'd compare Shea Weber's career performance against the two highest paid defenseman in the NHL today...Duncan Keith ($8 million/season) and Christian Ehrhoff ($8 million/season)

For that kind of money you want a workhorse...

Points are always important...

Probably the most important statistic for a defenseman logging tons of ice time is their Plus Minus rating...

It's obviously a gamble on what the outcome of the new collective barganing agreement amounts to, but regardless of whether the Flyers get him or the Predators match the offer sheet...Weber is locked up until the 2025-2026 season. 

What do you think about the deal?

Editors Note: Nashville matched the offersheet on July 24.

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