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Beginners Guide to NHL Daily Fantasy on DraftKings

Interested in trying out NHL daily fantasy but don't know where to start? This is the guide for you. In this guide, we will cover the basics of daily fantasy hockey, how to build a lineup, key strategies, and much more so that you will have a leg up on the competition. This year users will win millions of dollars playing daily fantasy hockey on DraftKings. Through our partnership with DraftKings, SportingCharts readers can enter into a contest with thousands of dollars in prizes for free. Click here to draft your team.

Basics of NHL Daily Fantasy 

Each daily fantasy site has their own unique twist on the NHL but we will be focusing on DraftKings daily fantasy hockey game.

The basics of daily fantasy hockey on DraftKings is to build a lineup comprised of nine players (8 skaters, 1 goalie) of two Centers (C), three Wingers (LW/RW), two Defenseman (D), one Goalie (G), and one Utility (C/LW/RW/D).

Your lineup generates DraftKings fantasy points over the course of the game with the goal of producing more points than the other players in the contest. DraftKings points are split up into two categories: one for skaters and one for goalies. 

When it comes to skaters, your 8 skaters generate points by by scoring goals, getting assists, taking shots on goal, blocking shots, scoring short handed, and scoring shootout goals. While your goaltender gains points when he makes saves, gets the win, and records a shutout but receives negative points when he lets in a goal.

Here is a complete breakdown of the DraftKings Point Structure: 


  • Goals = 3pts
  • Assists = 2pts
  • Shots on Goal = 0.5pts
  • Blocked Shots = 0.5pts
  • Short Handed Point Bonus (Goal/Assist) = 1pts
  • Shootout Goal = 0.2 pts
  • Hat Trick Bonus = 1.5pts


  • Wins = 3pts
  • Saves = 0.2pts
  • Goals against = -1pt
  • Shutouts = 2pts

For example, if you had Alex Ovechkin in your lineup and he scored a short handed goal and an assist, blocked 3 shots with 4 shots on goal he would end up with a total of 9.5 DraftKings points (Short Handed Goal = 4.0 + Assist = 2.0 + Blocked Shots = 1.5 +  Shots on Goal = 2.0).

So all of that sounds simple enough and I'm sure you're ready to load up your lineup with the likes of Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Patrick Kane, and Pekka Rinne. However, that would be too easy so DraftKings has placed a salary cap restriction on your lineup that is based on the individual salaries of each player for that night as determined by DraftKings.

Your lineup of players needs to be no greater than $50,000 and as you can expect makes it impossible to load up on all-stars. But don't worry... this is where the strategy part of the game comes in handy. 

Daily Fantasy Hockey Strategy 

Top-down Analysis 

Before we jump into the individual players, the first thing we do when it comes to building our lineup is get a sense of what we can expect for the slate of games we have to choose.

One of the best ways to do this is to look at the Vegas lines for each game with a specific eye on the moneyline and total for the game, which will give us some information on the team that is expected to win and the expected overall offensive output for the game. Vegas is in the business of getting it as accurate as possible to provide as little edge for sports bettors, which means we can leverage their extensive knowledge.

Additionally, we use our NHL Matchup pages to see how each of the teams matchup statistically including goals for and against per game, power play and penalty kill stats, individual player stat leaders, past results, and more. We are looking for games and situations where players are likely to generate a lot of DraftKings points.

So after taking a look at the Vegas lines and our NHL Matchup pages, we have a general sense of which teams are the odds on favorites to win (which we use to pick our goaltenders) and whether the game is likely to be high scoring or not (which helps us in narrowing down our skater selections). 

Finding Value in Goaltenders 

A big part of success in daily fantasy hockey comes down to picking goaltenders that win games. Remember, goaltenders get 3 points for a victory and need to allow fewer goals than their opponent to get the win (remember: goals against count as -1). 

One strategy is to simply find the cheapest goalie among the teams Vegas has as favorites to win their games. The perfect situation is finding a cheap goalie, usually the backup, who is playing for the favorite in an expected low-scoring game - this often occurs when a good team is playing a bad team and is looking to rest their main goaltender. The money saved in the goalie spot can be used in your skater spots.

There is nothing wrong with paying up for a goalie you expect is in a great situation and could go off for a big night and even a shutout. 

Important: Make sure the goalie you pick is starting - check out Daily Faceoff to see which goalies are confirmed to be starting for each game. 

Picking Your Skaters 

Once you have your goaltender sorted out, it's time to move onto filling up the rest of your lineup with the eight skater positions. This is where you're going to be able to create the greatest amount of separation from the other players in your contest.

Again, go back to those Vegas lines you previously looked at and highlight the games in which the total goals for the game is expected to be high - this is a great place to start when selecting your skates. There aren't going to be many fantasy points to go around if the final score is 1-0. 

In general, while researching your players, you are looking for skaters who score often (goals and assists), who get significant power play time and produce, skaters that shoot the puck often, block shots, and even those skaters that are used in the shootout. Check out our NHL player stats page for all the stats you need.

A basic guideline when it comes to your skaters:

  1. they play on the first line (or for Defenseman: are on the first paring) and get significant playing time each game, 
  2. they get first unit power play time and/or penalty kill time, 
  3. are consistent producers in 2-3 of the DraftKings scoring categories, 
  4. have a favorable scoring matchup
  5. used in the shootout

One interesting strategy is combining linemates, which is known as stacking, as linemates will often share in point production. If you have a line of three players (LW, C, RW) and one player scores with the other two getting assists, your DraftKings lineup will gain 7.5 points (3 for the goal, 4 for the two assists, and 0.5 for the shot on goal). If you stacked a line that goes off that night, you will be way ahead of your competition. This strategy can come at a higher risk, because if the line gets shut out, you've wasted 3 lineup positions.

Additionally, finding value is key in building a great lineup in daily fantasy hockey and one great way to do this is focus in on players who are getting greater responsibilities on the team either by way of improving production or by replacing injured teammates. For example, if a skater has been stuck with 15 min per game but due to an injury is expected to get first-line minutes and some power play time, he is immediately a candidate as a value play. 

Start Competing in Daily Fantasy Hockey on DraftKings!

We hope that above gave you a good starting base for getting into the exciting game of daily fantasy hockey. As you get more familiar with the players and overall strategy involved you will greatly increase your odds of hitting a big win on DraftKings.

If you're ready to try it out, DraftKings is offering free entry into a contest tonight. They also have contests for as little as 25 cents and potential grand prizes of $100,000! Start winning money today!​

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