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Impact of the 2003 NHL Draft Class

The 2003 NHL Entry Draft is widely considered to be one of the greatest draft classes of all-time with the likes of Ryan Getzlaf, Eric Staal, Shea Weber, Thomas Vanek, Dustin Brown, Corey Perry and Zach Parise coming out this draft class. 

Since entering the league, the 2003 NHL draft class has played in a total of 32,770 games putting up a total of 14,813 points and scoring 5,880 goals. Here is look at the points produced by season:

We decided to look at the evolution of the 2003 draft class over the years and some interesting facts and figures.

2003 Draft Class Facts (As of the 2013-14 NHL season):

- led all draft classes in scoring during the 2013-14 NHL season with a total of 1,665 points and 657 goals among the 71 active skaters (next closest was the 2007 draft class with 1,396/556).

- 16 of the 30 players from the first round have been named to an all-star team with a total of 24 players making an all-star team. More impressively, over there time in the league, the 2003 draft class has missed out on five all-star games due to lockouts and Olympics.

- Every player from the first round has played at least one game in the NHL with 26 of the 30 players drafted playing in at least 250 NHL games (Jeff Tambellini, Marc-Antoine Pouliot, Shawn Belle and Hugh Jessiman - the only four to play less).

- Of the 292 players drafted over the nine rounds in the draft, a total of 128 of those players have played at least one game in the NHL.

- Of the 30 NHL franchises, 20% or 6 of them have a 2003 draft class player as the captain:

Team Captain Captain Since
Anaheim Ducks Ryan Getzlaf 2010
Carolina Hurricanes Eric Staal 2010
Los Angeles Kings Dustin Brown 2008
Nashville Predators Shea Weber 2010
St. Louis Blues David Backes 2011
Toronto Maple Leafs Dion Phaneuf 2010

- It was an extremely deep draft with a total of 9 players drafted after the 249th pick that have played over 140 games in the NHL including 528 games played by Shane O'Brien who was drafted 250th overall.

2003 NHL Draft Class Stats By Season

Here is a visual look at the number of active players from the 2003 draft class by season:

Draft Class Scoring Leaders:



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