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Sidney Crosby's per game stats Post-Concussion

At time of writing, the Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby has played just 89 games since October 2010, but what's more important is that he says he's free of concussion like symptoms.

Since returning last year season (along with missing three months with recurring symptoms) his points per game has increased.  But what's more interesting is the mix of those points.  If you look at the chart below and you'll notice that his Assist per game average has increased over 50%, meanwhile his Goal per game average has decreased by a similar amount.

Why such a dramatic change in his point per game makeup, and can it be coincidence that it was the exact same time as his post-concussion return in 2011?  Is he more comfortable being a setup man? Perhaps not crashing the net as much?

He is definitely a special player, and the NHL is better with him healthy, but what's even more impressive is his ability to stay a high level of play on a point production basis...even if it means dishing the puck off more than he historically did.


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