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Top NHL Scorers Visualized - 2013 Season

Last season was shortened by a labor dispute but ended up being a sprint like season in which there was a lot of interesting story lines including the return of Sidney Crosby, the re-emergence of Alex Ovechkin and the dominance of the Chicago Blackhawks.

As we prepare for the 2013-14 NHL season, we decided to take a quick look back at the top scorers from last season - Martin St. Louis led all NHL players with 60 points (17G, 43A), Alex Ovechkin led the league in goals with 32 and Sidney Crosby led all players in scoring efficiency with 1.56 points per game.

And instead of just giving you a list of the top scorers, we decided to create some visualizations that will give you a better picture of how these players produced their points over the course of the season and how they are separated.

If you'd like a simple list, check out our 2012 NHL Scoring Leaders page, which will also allow you to see leaders from every season going back to 1990.

The first visualization we will look at plots each of the top 50 NHL scorers by overall Goals, Assists and Points. Goals are on the left (y) axis, Assists are on the bottom (x) axis and points are indicated by the size of the bubble with the bigger the bubble being the more points scored. BLUE bubbles indicate those players with 50 or more points while RED bubbles signify those with fewer than 50. To find players, simply highlight over each bubble to see their goals, assists and points and click the bubble to see their player page with detailed statistics.

As you can see in the chart above, the top four scorers in the league (St. Louis, Stamkos, Ovechkin and Crosby) are producing their points in two different ways. For Ovechkin and Stamkos, who can be found in the top middle, they score with a solid mix of goals and assists while Crosby and St. Louis, who can be found on the far right score the majority of their points through assists.

Additionally, we decided to also illustrate what scoring looks like from a per game basis for the top 50 scorers in the NHL. All of the statistics are the same as the above chart but use per game rates - additionally, BLUE bubbles represent players who score more than 1 point per game.

As you can see when you compare the charts above, the biggest difference in the per game statistics is the bubble on the far right, which is Sidney Crosby who as mentioned previously scored 1.56 points per game (0.31 points per game higher than St. Louis who was second best). In the first chart with raw points, Crosby doesn't standout as much but when we break it down on a per game basis, he is clearly on another level. 

From a goal scoring perspective, the two elite scorers in the NHL, Steven Stamkos and Alex Ovechkin standout with their 0.6 and 0.67 goals per game production, respectively. Also in the mix are John Tavares, James Neal and Thomas Vanek who are the only other players with a greater than 0.5 goals per game level of production.


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