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2-5-6-3 Triple Play

What is 2-5-6-3 Triple Play?

A type of triple play that occurs when the play, after the ball is live, starts with the Catcher (2), throwing the ball to Third Baseman (5) getting the first runner out, followed by a throw to second where the Shortstop (6) gets the second runner out, and for the final out a throw to the First Baseman (3).

Sporting Charts explains 2-5-6-3 Triple Play

This is an extremely rare triple play that has only been seen a few times in the post dead ball era. The last occured on April 15, 2012 between the LA Dodgers and San Diego Padres during the 9th inning. The play started with a bunt that forced runners on first and second progress a base with the catcher throwing to third to get the forced runner out at third, followed by a throw to second for the second out and a throw to first for the final out.

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