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At-Bats per Grounded Into Double Play - AB/GIDP

What is At-Bats per Grounded Into Double Play - AB/GIDP?

A statistic in baseball that records the amount of times a batter has grounded into a double play for every at-bat he has taken. This is measured by dividing the player's total number of at-bats by the number of ground balls he has hit resulting in the defensive team turning a double play.

Sporting Charts explains At-Bats per Grounded Into Double Play - AB/GIDP

Strategically, a team can use this statistic when deciding how to go about pitching to a batter at the plate with a man on first base. Typically, the league leaders in this statistic will be faster runners, as they can "beat out" the throw to first base and avoid a double play, even when they do hit ground balls. Players who tend to hit a lot of line drives or fly balls rather than grounders will also have a high AB/GIDP stat.

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