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At-Bats per Home Run - AB/HR

What is At-Bats per Home Run - AB/HR?

A statistic in baseball that records the amount of times a batter has hit a home run for every at-bat he has taken. This is measured by dividing the player's total number of at-bats by the number of home runs he has hit. The lower a player's AB/HR, the better, as it means it generally takes fewer times at bat for the batter to produce a home run.

Sporting Charts explains At-Bats per Home Run - AB/HR

At-Bats per Home Run (AB/HR) indicates how frequently a player will hit home runs. Since this number is calculated as an average, it isn't always a good indicator of when a hitter will hit home runs, but might help predict how many home runs the player may hit during a season. Use of this statistic can be more helpful than simply using a hitter's home run total, however, as it takes into consideration how many home runs a batter hits per at-bat. For example, a player who has 10 home runs might not be considered a threat, but if he has only had 60 at-bats this changes how the player is perceived.

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