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At-Bats per Runs Batted In - AB/RBI

What is At-Bats per Runs Batted In - AB/RBI?

A statistic in baseball that records the amount of times a batter has driven in one or more runs for every at-bat he has taken. This is measured by dividing the player's total number of at-bats by the number of runs he has batted in. The lower a player's AB/RBI, the fewer times at bat typically required for him to produce runs batted in (RBIs). For example, if a player had 105 RBIs over 572 at-bats, his AB/RBI would be 5.44 (572/105).

Sporting Charts explains At-Bats per Runs Batted In - AB/RBI

At-Bats per Runs Batted In (AB/RBI) demonstrates a player's competency at driving in runs. This statistic is good as a general indicator but doesn't provide much insight into the ways in which a batter has generated the RBIs. For example, a high number of base hits and home runs with runners on base will generate a large number of RBIs, but sacrifice flies, bunts or ground balls with a runner at third and less than two outs can also yield RBIs.

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