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What is Bandbox?

A slang term for the former Philadelphia baseball park officially known as “National League Park.” This term is also used to refer to ballparks with smaller-than-average playing fields that favor home-run hitters. 

Sporting Charts explains Bandbox

The “Baker Bowl,” or cigarbox or bandbox as it was nick-named, was a baseball park erected in the last decade of the 19th century in Philadelphia that was notorious for its smaller dimensions. The distance from home plate to the right-field wall was a mere 280 feet, while right-center was 300. This made the ballpark a nightmare for most pitchers, as it didn’t take much for balls to leave the stadium.

Since Baker Bowl’s closure in 1938, bandbox has been used colloquially to refer to any ballpark, like Fenway or Ebbets Field, which has dimensions that make the park home-run friendly.  You can learn more here.

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