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Bang-bang play

What is Bang-bang play?

A close play in baseball, usually involving a force out, in which the ball reaches a fielder’s glove just before the batter’s foot hits the base.

Sporting Charts explains Bang Bang Play

The “bang-bang” in the play refers to the quick succession of events in the play (i.e. the “bang” of the ball hitting the fielder’s glove, followed immediately by the “bang” of the runner’s foot on the base). Because these plays are so close, they can sometimes be missed by the umpire making the call.

In most cases, instant replay is used in TV broadcasts to assess the play, but replay never affects the play’s outcome. Many manager ejections also occur as a result of this type of play, as the manager of the team who does not get the benefit of the call will often argue with an umpire, especially if the call was made incorrectly.

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