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Barehand it

What is Barehand it?

A term used to describe an athletic play by a fielder in which they field a hit or throw during the course of a play, not with their baseball glove hand, usually resulting in an out.

Sporting Charts explains Barehand it

Infielders typically perform the most barehanded plays on ground balls that are hit to their side of the field. The defender will catch the ball with their throwing hand, then whip a throw to the appropriate base to make a play. A second baseman will also sometimes accept a short throw or toss from a shortstop by catching it barehanded while stepping on second base during the course of a 5-4-3 double play, so he can more easily throw the ball to first base.

Barehanded catches of fly balls are rare in baseball, but when they do occur, it’s usually as a result of the player’s bare hand being closer to the ball than their gloved hand.

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