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Base on Balls - BB

What is Base on Balls - BB?

A statistic in baseball that measures the number of times a batter reaches base due to having received four balls during his at bat, which both the batter and pitcher receive when it occurs.

In the event of a base on balls, the batter receives a "plate appearance" and a "time on plate", but he doesn't receive a "hit" or an "at-bat", which means that there is no improvement to the player's batting average although his on-base percentage (OBP) does improve. If the bases are loaded when a player earns a base on balls, then the player is credit with a run batted in (RBI).

Base on balls is more commonly known as a "walk", as the batter is allowed to walk to first base without risk of being put out by the defense.

Sporting Charts explains Base on Balls - BB

Another version of of the base on balls is the "intentional base on balls" (IBB), or "intentional walk", in which the pitcher deliberately throws four balls by pitching away from the batter to prevent the batter from generating a hit.

Base on Balls Records

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