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Baseball Glove

What is Baseball Glove?

A baseball glove, also known as a mitt, is the piece of equipment baseball players use while on defense. It is typically made of leather and is placed on one hand to provide an aid to catching the ball. It is essentially an enlarged glove with long, wide fingers with webbing sewn between the pointer and thumb. A player's hand will fit snugly inside the glove, allowing him to open and close the large glove to catch a ball hit by an opposing player or thrown to him by a teammate.

In the modern game there are specialized baseball gloves for specific positions on the field--the most common one is the catcher's mitt, which typically has lots of padding and a more defined "sweet spot" in which to catch the ball.

Baseball -glove

Sporting Charts explains Baseball Glove

Baseball gloves did not become popular among players until late in the 1890s, and it was not until 1920, at the suggestion of a professional player named Bill Doak, that manufacturers began to sew webbing between the pointer and thumb. One of the early detractors of baseball gloves after their initial introduction was Albert Spalding, but he soon found them to be useful. He encouraged others to try them and went on to found a company that produces baseball gloves and a variety of other sports equipment to this day.

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