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Basket Catch

What is Basket Catch?

A technique used to catch a fly ball in which the fielder positions his glove with the palm facing upward and allows the baseball to land in the center or large part of the webbing.

Sporting Charts explains Basket Catch

The most common situation in which a fielder will decide to use the basket catch is when a fly ball is hit far from the initial position of the fielder, usually either when the ball is hit short or over the head of the defender. In normal situation a player is more comfortable catching the ball with palm extended, but in cases where the fielder usually has to fully extend his arm to reach the baseball, the best method for catching the ball is to allow it to fall into the glove.

Willie Mays made a famous over-the-shoulder basket catch in Game 1 of the 1954 World Series that is now known as “the Catch.”

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