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Batters Faced - BF

What is Batters Faced - BF?

A pitching statistic in baseball that consists of the aggregate amount of batters that make a plate appearance during a pitcher's turn at play. Batters faced only includes successful plate appearances by the batter, such as hits, walks, outs or errors. It does not include those times when the at bat is interrupted by the end of an inning. This statistic can be for either a game, a season or a career. 

Sporting Charts explains Batters Faced - BF

Batters faced can be used to determine a pitcher's workload, with a greater number of batters faced generally meaning a greater workload. This statistic can also be used in conjunction with pitch count to get a sense of how efficient the pitcher was with pitches per batter faced.

Fittingly, it is Cy Young who faced the most career batters, at 29,000 and change. This is a record likely to remain untouched; in fact it may stand as a record similar to Cal Ripkin Jr.'s consecutive games played streak and remain atop the MLB record books as long as baseball is played. The top 10 beyond Cy Young is rounded out by the Hall of Fame role call of Pud Gavin (25,415), Walter Johnson (23,405), Phil Niekro (22,677), Nolan Ryan (22,575), Bobby Mathews (21,997), Gaylord Perry (21,953), Steve Carlton (21,683), Don Sutton (21,631), and Warren Spahn (21,547). 

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