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Batting Average of Balls in Play - BABIP

What is Batting Average of Balls in Play - BABIP?

A statistic in baseball used for both pitchers and hitters that measures the percentage of batted balls which fall in safely for a hit, not including home runs. The exact formula is Hits - Home Runs / At Bats - Strikeouts - Home Runs + Sacrifice Flies. Players, managers and general managers all use this statistic to gauge a batter's ability to place the ball where he wants and to gauge a pitcher's ability to pitch to his defense. 

Sporting Charts explains Batting Average of Balls in Play - BABIP

In relation to pitchers, this statistic is more a result of a pitcher's luck and his defense than a measure of his skill. Therefore, pitchers with a particularly high or low BABIP are likely to see their figure gravitate to the league average. The average for modern pitchers is about .300. A hitter's BABIP is a much more accurate measure of skill, as it takes into account his ability to place the ball, as well as his speed. A good contact hitter may have a BABIP as high as .350.

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