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Batting Park Factor

What is Batting Park Factor?

This is a baseball statistic used to measure the influence a ballpark may or may not have on the ability of a team to score runs. It is more commonly known as "Park Factor" and is abbreviated BPF. It is calculated by dividing all runs scored by and against a given team at its home stadium, by the number of runs scored by and against that team on the road, then multiplying the result by 100. By taking into account all runs scored in a given stadium, this statistic is capable of measuring how hitter-friendly or pitcher-friendly a given baseball park is.

Sporting Charts explains Batting Park Factor - BPF

This statistic is popular within the sabermetric community, which is a community of baseball fans and statisticians who use statistical formulas and techniques to assess players and games. It is used to help determine how much of a team's offensive production is a result of the ballpark it is playing in. Once this figure is calculated, a more accurate measure of the team's offensive production can be produced. The formula can also be applied to other measures, such as home runs and specific base hits.  

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