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What is a Blooper (hit)??

A soft-hit, batted ball that clears the infield but falls short of normal outfield positions for a hit.

Sporting Charts explains Blooper (hit)

Also known as a bloop hit, the blooper is a base hit that would be a normal fly ball out for any player in proximity to catch it. In most cases, the batter gets jammed, breaks his bat (“a broken-bat blooper”) or does not contact the ball squarely, and hits the ball into the air distant enough that the ball leaves the outfield. Usually the ball is not hit hard enough to reach the normal position of an outfielder, and is also too far away for any infielders to reach it. Because the ball is not hit hard and resembles a pop-fly or normal fly ball, it is not considered to be a typical hit, although it is still scored as a hit because it could not be caught.

Foul balls that just barely hit fair are also often called bloopers (e.g., “blooped down the line”). Hits are also considered bloopers if outfielders are playing deep for hitters with a lot of power, who then cannot reach the ball if it is hit more softly.

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