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Cactus League

What is Cactus League?

A training league in baseball comprised of Major League Baseball (MLB) teams that play in a succession of exhibition games against one another prior to the official start of the baseball season. The Cactus League teams play their spring training games in Arizona.

Sporting Charts explains Cactus League

There are two major "leagues" in baseball that train in different locations in the spring. The Cactus League teams train in Arizona, and the Grapefruit League teams train in Florida. Fifteen teams participate in Cactus League exhibition games at several different ballparks across Arizona. The Cactus League is not really a "league", as it is generally defined, but more a collection of baseball organizations that have agreed to play pre-season games against each other.

The Cactus League was founded in 1946 by Bill Veeck, then-owner of the Cleveland Indians.

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