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Called Shot

What is Called Shot?

A term in baseball which refers to a batter who, while preparing for an at-bat in the batter's box, predicts where he/she will hit the ball by pointing out the position. The move is popular in the schoolyard and is considered a fun "tease" by the player making the call. To perform a called shot, a player must either point or say aloud where he or she intends to hit the ball. It is customary for the opposing team to then try to prevent such a hit from occurring through any legal defensive means.

Sporting Charts explains Called Shot

This move was made famous by Babe Ruth, who reportedly pointed to center field and "called" a home run in the fifth inning of Game 3 of the 1932 World Series. The moment remains shrouded in mystery because where exactly Ruth points and what he says to the opposing team is still not precisely known. This has had the effect of giving every "called shot" an air of mystery. When successful, these plays are often repeated over and over in sports highlight reels due to their rarity.

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