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Caught Looking

What is Caught Looking?

A batter is said to have been caught looking when a third strike crosses the plate in the strike zone and the batter does not make an attempt, resulting in a strikeout.

Sporting Charts explains Caught Looking

A batter is caught looking when that third strike zips or arcs into the strike zone and he cannot pull the trigger. This occurs for two primary reasons: 1) the batter did not think that the pitch was a strike and did not even consider making an attempt on the pitch, or 2) the batter was fooled on a given pitch, either guessing that a different pitch would come out of the pitcher's hand or that the pitch was not going to travel through the strike zone. This occurs often when a masterful breaking pitch begins far out of the strike zone, only to loop into it, stunning the batter who can only grimace as strike three is called. A pitcher who is unusually sharp will catch many batters looking on called third strikes. Conversely, batters who are routinely caught looking demonstrate a poor knowledge of the strike zone and need to offer more frequently at pitches when they have two strikes in the count.

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