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Caught Stealing - CS

What is Caught Stealing - CS?

A statistic in baseball that measures the total number of times a runner is called out when attempting to advance from one base to another without the ball being put into play. When this occurs, the baserunner is recorded as having been caught stealing one time, and the pitcher and catcher involved are also credited.

Sporting Charts explains Caught Stealing - CS

Caught stealing is a useful statistic for determining either how competent a particular baserunner is at stealing bases, or how effectively a pitcher or catcher can throw a runner out.

However, it can be a complicated statistic to measure. A baserunner who has been caught stealing many times is not necessarily poor at stealing, as the statistic can be inflated by the runner's number of steal attempts. From a defensive perspective, catching a baserunner stealing often depends on a pitcher's speed to the plate and a catcher's throwing accuracy.

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