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Caught Stealing percentage - CS%

What is Caught Stealing percentage - CS%?

The precentage of runners that were thrown out stealing, or who were "caught stealing," by a catcher. 

The equation used to figure out a catcher's caught stealing precentage is as follows: 

Caught Stealing Percentage =  Caught Stealing / (Stolen Bases + Caught Stealing)

Sporting Charts explains Caught Stealing percentage - CS%

A catcher who has a high precentage of "caught stealing" is a very valuable commedity to a team.

In 2012, Ryan Hanigan of the Cincinnati Reds led the Major Leagues in caught stealing precentage with 48.9%, meaning he threw out 48.9% of the runners who attempted to steal on him - 32 CS/ (34 SB + 32 CS). 

The all-time high precentage for a career belongs to Roy Campanella, who threw out 57.4% of the runners who attempted to steal on him - 252 CS/(187 SB + 252 CS). 

The highest caught stealing precentage for a still active player belongs to Yadier Molina, with a 44.56% - 217 CS / (270 SB + 217 CS) 

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