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Charging the Mound

What is Charging the Mound?

An action in baseball in which the current batter aggressively advances towards the pitcher's mound in response to perceived malicious intent by the pitcher.

Sporting Charts explains Charging the Mound

In most cases a batter charges the mound after being hit or nearly hit by a pitch. Usually this occurs at the climax of a particularly tension-filled game. One or both teams may have pitchers who have already hit batters (unintentionally or intentionally). When teams haven't been hitting each other with pitches, it's usually a case of a close play or a bad call that increases tension between the teams. In either case, a batter will typically charge the mound at a run towards the pitcher, at which point team members on the field get involved, followed by a general clearing of both dugout benches. After a game with this sort of physical conflict, the guilty parties involved usually will receive fines and/or suspensions.

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