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Circus Catch

What is Circus Catch?

Circus catch is a term used in baseball to describe an extremely difficult catch. A catch in which a fielder had to dive, leap into the stands or reach over a wall to make an acrobatic catch and take a home run away from the batter would be called a "circus catch".   

Sporting Charts explains Circus Catch

An acrobatic catch made by a baseball fielder can often resemble the stunts performed by a circus acrobat-hence the term "circus catch". Although the circus catch isn't a tracked statistic in baseball, it has become a staple of the game, with many players making a name for themselves simply on their ability to make these types of catches. A circus catch will normally be seen once per game or once every two games. However, the term is subjective and not quantitative-so, just like beauty, a circus catch can be said to be in the eye of the beholder. 

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