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Clear the Bases

What is Clear the Bases?

This is a phrase used in baseball to describe what happens after a home run or other big hit by the offense when other players are on base. By hitting a home run or making another big hit, a player can clear the bases of his teammates, sending all of them home. Each runner who makes it home scores a run for the offense and adds a "run batted in" or RBI for the hitter. A defensive player would not want to clear the bases, as this would mean his efforts resulted in runs for the opposition. Clearing the bases is positive-every offensive player wants to clear the bases when he is at bat.

Sporting Charts explains Clear the Bases

This phrase comes from the act of runners leaving the field after a home run or a big hit. After crossing home plate and recording a run, a player will go back into the dugout. The player who made the hit will have "cleared" the bases. The most extreme example of clearing the bases is a grand slam. A grand slam occurs when the bases are loaded, which means there is a runner at every base, and the hitter hits a home run, scoring runs for everyone on base and himself. Since a grand slam is not a common occurrence, it is considered one of the greatest types of hits in baseball.

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