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What is Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is a private room, or combination of rooms, inside a baseball stadium where players gather to prepare for a game, socialize with teammates and invited guests, and conduct most team functions before, during and after a game. There may be times when access to the clubhouse is granted to the public or the press. This room is often considered a type of sanctuary where teammates can talk to each other without interference, entertain their families or guests, and conduct a private life within the confines of a public environment.

Sporting Charts explains Clubhouse

The clubhouse is also known as a locker room, since it also houses the lockers, bathrooms and changing areas for the players. Most modern clubhouses also have many amenities to entertain the players, such as TVs, music, video game systems, and other devices. A clubhouse may also contain an office for private meetings. A lot of the younger players spend more time in the clubhouse since they are new to the team and to professional baseball. Teams use the clubhouse to help the team bond, as it is believed that a closer-knit team will have greater success on the field.

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