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Complete Game Loss - CGL

What is Complete Game Loss - CGL?

This baseball statistic is attributed to the pitcher in a contest where he or she finishes the game without the benefit of a relief pitcher but suffers a loss. This stat can apply to a game of nine innings-or more, in the case of extra innings to settle a tie. A complete game loss still counts towards the pitcher's complete game total.

Sporting Charts explains Complete Game Loss - CGL

In 1904 pitchers completed over 87 percent of their games. As a result, there was also a significant number of completed games lost at that time. Changes in the game have resulted in far fewer completed games, and therefore fewer CGLs. For example, in 2011, of the 142 CGs pitched, 27.5 percent of them ended with a pitcher swallowing the bitter pill that is the CGL. 

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