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Contact Hitter

What is Contact Hitter?

In baseball, this term describes a type of hitter known for his or her ability to avoid strikeouts by getting on base through a greater focus on making contact with the ball to generate hits, mainly singles. Contact hitters' batting is focused more on contact with the ball and getting it into play successfully by controlling the placement of the ball into the field of play.

Sporting Charts explains Contact Hitter

Contact hitters are known for having a high number of at-bats per strikeout, hits and singles. In contrast, they usually generate few power hits such as home runs. 

Ichiro Suzuki-widely regarded as one of the best contact hitters ever-holds the season record for singles with 225 and consistently has a high at-bats per strikeout. Other well known contact hitters include Tony Gwynn, Rogers Hornsby, Hank Aaron, and Ty Cobb.


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