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Contact Play

What is Contact Play?

This is a baseball play in which the runner on third base begins to run towards home as soon as the ball is hit towards the ground. The key component of the contact play that differs from other similar offensive strategies is that the runner waits until there is contact, and he is reasonably sure the ball is headed toward the ground. If the ball were hit into the air, the runner would be instructed to wait. The success of the contact play depends on many factors, including but not limited to the speed of the runner, how soon the runner begins running towards home, where and how hard the ball is hit, and how quickly the ball is fielded by the defense.

Sporting Charts explains Contact Play

This type of play is considered extremely aggressive and would only be used in cases where the manager felt the team needed to score or had a distinct advantage over the opposition due to one or a number of factors. The contact play is similar to the squeeze play, in which the batter bunts the ball towards first base in an attempt to sacrifice an out at first in order to score a run.

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