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Contact %

What is Contact %?

This statistic in baseball measures the overall percentage of the time that the batter is able to make contact with the ball when swinging the bat, regardless of where the ball is pitched or whether or not he reaches base. Hit by pitch and walks are not part of the equation, and the actual formula is (At-Bats - Strikeouts) / At-Bats. 

Sporting Charts explains Contact %

This is an important statistic in baseball analysis and is used by everyone in the game. There is a direct correlation between batters with a high contact percentage and those with high batting averages. Hitters who put the ball in play when they swing are eliminating the strikeout possibility and giving themselves the best chance of reaching base. Once the ball is in play, the only factors at work are the batter's skill, the skill of the fielders and a little bit of luck. This is the perfect scenario for a batter and gives him the best chance of success. There are variations from year to year, but in general the league contact percentage average is about 80 percent.

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