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Cut-off Man

What is Cut-off Man?

This baseball term refers to a fielder who is positioned to receive a ball thrown back towards the infield following a hit or fly ball into the outfield. The designated cut-off man is determined by both how far and to which part of the outfield the ball was hit. If the ball is hit in front of an outfielder, the cut-off man will typically position himself at the outside edge of the infield. If the ball is hit over the outfielder, the cut-off man generally moves into the shallow outfield to receive the cut-off.

Sporting Charts explains Cut-off Man

The actual position player who becomes the cut-off man depends on which half of the field the ball was hit. If the ball is hit to the left of second base, the shortstop usually functions as the cut-off man, while the second and third basemen hold their respective runners. On the other hand, if the ball is hit to the right of second base, the second baseman usually will become the cut-off man and the shortstop will hold the runner at second.

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