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Defense-Independent Component ERA - DICE

What is Defense-Independent Component ERA - DICE?

A statistic in baseball that expands on component ERA and is one of many new baseball sabermetrics that comes under the heading of defense-independent pitching stats. DICE was invented in 2001 by Clay Dreslough. It is a formula that more accurately demonstrates a pitcher's true ability and what his ERA "should" have been, based on the hits and walks he allowed. 

Sporting Charts explains Defense-Independent Component ERA - DICE

Component ERA was invented by Bill James as a way to gauge a pitcher's true ERA, without using the traditional formula. While a pitcher's actual ERA can be affected by luck, or by how many of the allowed hits were consecutive, a component ERA completely eliminates those factors and focuses on the individual components: hit batters, walks, home runs, triples, doubles, and singles. DICE is an improvement on this, as it removes the contribution of the defense from the equation. Instead, a pitcher's ERA is estimated based solely on strikeouts, hit batters, walks, and home runs.

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