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Designated Hitter - DH

What is Designated Hitter - DH?

This position in baseball belongs to a batter who replaces the pitcher's spot in the lineup for the entire game, but does not play a fielding position. The designated hitter (DH) typically hits in the ninth spot in the lineup. This allows the seventh and the eighth hitters to become more of a factor and also provides a greater chance to string hits together when the lineup turns over.

Sporting Charts explains Designated Hitter - DH

A designated hitter is similar to a cleanup hitter in that he usually hits for power. Although it seldom happens, a designated hitter may be positioned in the field, resulting in the current pitcher taking the vacated spot in the lineup. The team then forfeits its right to a designated hitter. The DH spot in the lineup is also static, meaning that the DH must always hit in the same position in the batting order. The designated hitter position has been used exclusively in the MLB American League since 1973.

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