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Double AA Baseball

What is Double AA Baseball?

A classification of minor league professional baseball that is one level below AAA (Triple-A) baseball. It is composed of three leagues: the Eastern League, Southern League, and Texas League.

Sporting Charts explains Double A (AA) Baseball

AA baseball, or “Double-A” as its most commonly spelled out, is one of several levels of minor league professional baseball organized into a hierarchical structure. Like most minor league teams, Double-A teams are affiliated with Major League teams, although most are independently owned and operated.

Double-A baseball is typically home to younger players who have not been in professional baseball for very long, traveling up from college or the Rookie league, and will often showcase top prospects. Many players who excel at this level are promoted directly to the majors. Major League players rehabilitating injuries will sometimes play at the AA level if it is more convenient for the affiliated Major League team.

Double-A was the highest classification of minor league baseball until 1946, when AAA (Triple-A) leagues were created.

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