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What is Dugout?

The dugout is where active players reside during a game if they are not needed in the field or at the plate. There are two of them on every field, and they are always located in foul territory on the first- and third-base sides of the field. The dugout is partially enclosed to allow players to come and go easily and provides a decent view of the field. Inside the dugout is typically a long bench for the players to sit, a place to keep their bats, sports drinks, and anything else an active player may need during the game.

A manager will stay in the dugout throughout the entire game, save the moments when he/she goes out to the field to talk to the players. In addition to serving as an area for players not currently in the game, Major League dugouts are often connected to the clubhouse by a tunnel, allowing players to come and go discreetly during a game.

Baseball dugout

Sporting Charts explains Dugout

This term comes from the time when the area was built below field level in order to allow fans a better view of the action on the field. In many modern Major League ballparks, the dugout is still below field level, but the benches inside are often built higher so the players are sitting at field level. There are some stadiums which have a dugout built at field level; these places also have built their fan seating higher up to allow for a view of the action on the field.

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