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Extra Base Hit - XBH

What is Extra Base Hit - XBH?

In baseball, this is a type of hit in which the player is able to advance beyond first base without the help of a fielding error or a fielder's choice. Doubles, triples and home runs are all extra base hits. Players' total extra base hits are tallied and categorized under the statistic of the same name, often seen as "XBH" in their stat lines.

Also referred to as the "long hit," "EB" and "EBH".

Sporting Charts explains Extra Base Hit - XBH

The total number of extra base hits a player has generated over a time period is calculated simply by adding together all of his doubles, triples and home runs.

Extra Base Hit Records

  • Career: Hank Aaron - 1,477 
  • Season: Babe Ruth - 119 (1921)

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