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What is Four-bagger?

A slang term in baseball used to refer to a home run.

Also referred to as “4-bagger.”

Sporting Charts explains Four-bagger

The most common type of home run occurs when a batted ball crosses the outfield fence in between the foul poles on the left and right side of the baseball field, effectively leaving play, allowing the batter to round the bases and cross home plate, resulting in a one or more runs (depending on how many teammates were on base). If the same ball hits the top of the wall (usually denoted by a yellow line) and bounces out of play or strikes either one of the foul poles, it is also considered a home run. Likewise, even if the ball remains in play on the field, but the batter safely traverses all four bases without being put out, it is also scored as a home run—this is called an “inside-the-park” home run.

The 4-bagger refers to the number of bases the player reaches when they hit a home run. Each base is a bag: first, second, third and home plate comprise all four bags.

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