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General Manager - GM

What is General Manager - GM?

A general manager is the person on a baseball team responsible for building the team. They are usually tasked with player recruitment, development, trades, and overall management of the team.  They are also responsible for hiring staff to support the team, including all managers and coaches. On the professional level, the general manager does not own the team, but some owners have been known to take an active role in the responsibilities of a general manager. There are also some general managers who require more than what is typically afforded their position, thereby gaining control of more aspects of the team.

Sporting Charts explains General Manager - GM

Since a general manager is responsible for building the team, they are also the one that takes the fall if the team performs poorly. It does not matter if the fault lies in the poor play of the players, or bad selections by the general manager. A general manager, also abbreviated GM, must make the decisions necessary to keep the team playing well and meeting their goals. To this extent, it is the worry of many fans that some general managers are more concerned with their job than the well-being of the team. Some of the best general managers are the ones who make unpopular decisions which turn out correctly.

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