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Grapefruit League

What is Grapefruit League?

This is the name of a division of baseball teams who operate their spring training camps in various locations around Florida. This division, while somewhat informal, is organized and operated by the major league teams who take part. The teams are not permanent members and can leave at any time. There is another spring training league located in Arizona called the Cactus League. Professional baseball teams use spring training camps to begin practicing for the regular season. This helps teams integrate new players or coaches, get into playing shape, and begin building game strategies that plays to the team's strengths.

Sporting Charts explains Grapefruit League

The Grapefruit League traces its roots back to an exhibition game played in 1908, but really got started in 1913 when the Chicago Cubs opened a spring training facility in Tampa. Since that time, many cities have played host to numerous major league teams, though the two cities with the longest history are Tampa and St. Petersburg (87 years). There were fifteen teams in the Grapefruit League during 2011 Spring Training. The Grapefruit League is a popular destination for die-hard baseball fans, as well as for fans who do not get to see professional baseball in their hometown. Since the Grapefruit League has teams throughout the state of Florida, and the state only has one MLB team, it is the only time of year for many residents to see professional baseball players.

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