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Ground Ball Percentage - GB%

What is Ground Ball Percentage - GB%?

A statistic in baseball that measures the percentage of balls in play that are hit as ground balls, whether they result in a successful hit or not. This stat is used for both pitchers and batters, and directly correlates to home run possibilities. Pitchers having a high ground ball percentage are generally much more successful, and batters with a high ground ball rate are typically less successful. 

Sporting Charts explains Ground Ball Percentage - GB%

For pitchers, having a high ground ball rate means not only limiting the home run potential, but it gives them the best chance of inducing an out. A pitcher who can induce ground balls well can also work out of trouble much easier, as grounders can lead to double plays. The most successful pitchers in baseball each season often have very high ground ball percentages. For batters, a high ground ball rate leaves very little room for extra base hits and home runs, and batters with an elevated GB% will often have a low batting average.

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