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What is Gyroball?

This is a type of pitch primarily thrown by pitchers in Japanese baseball leagues. The primary and most noticeable difference from the standard style of pitching familiar in Major League Baseball is that a gyroball pitcher follows through after the pitch away from their body. A left handed pitcher's arm would follow-through towards first base, rather than third. There is no special grip on this type of pitch, though a pitcher could throw a two-seam or four-seam gyroball. It was developed by scientists who claim it reduces stress on the pitcher.

Sporting Charts explains Gyroball

The pitch has not spread to Major League Baseball in the US or Canada because it is an extremely difficult pitching motion to learn. The predominant throwing motion is a more natural motion than the arm motion that the gyroball pitch requires. There are some players who believe they throw a gyroball or pitch similar to it in Major League Baseball.

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