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Hit By Pitch - HBP

What is Hit By Pitch - HBP?

A statistic in baseball that measure the times in which a player or a piece of equipment, excluding his bat, is contacted by the ball during a pitch. When the batter is hit by a pitch, they will be awarded first base and receive a Hit By Pitch - HBP.

In the context of a pitcher, this action is referred to as a "Hit Batsman - HB" and the pitcher receives an HB for every batter they hit.

Sporting Charts explains Hit By Pitch - HBP

For a batter to be awarded with a Hit By Pitch and progress to first base as a baserunner he must be 1) hit by a pitch outside of the strike zone, 2) had no opportunity to avoid it and 3) he did not swing at the ball.

Hit By Pitch Records

  • Career: Hughie Jennings - 287 
  • Career (Modern): Craig Biggio - 285
  • Season: Hughie Jennings - 51 (1896)
  • Season (Modern): Rob Hunt - 50 (1971)

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