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Home Field Advantage

What is Home Field Advantage?

A term in baseball which refers to the perceived advantage a team has when playing the game on their home field. This is a perceived advantage because there have been academic studies proving that the home field advantage is statistically irrelevant. However, it has also been discussed that there are specific cases and locations where a home-field advantage may be present. Nonetheless, many players and teams are confident that a home-field advantage exists, so mentally, it does. In addition to playing on their regular field, players enjoy a home field advantage for reasons outside the stadium. They also are familiar with their surroundings and can stay in their home rather than at a hotel.

Sporting Charts explains Home Field Advantage - baseball

A home-field advantage is often considered imperative to winning in the playoffs. Teams who perform well during the regular season secure home-field advantage for the playoffs. Except in the case of the World Series, whose home field is selected by whichever league wins the All-Star Game. During the playoffs, the ability to play the first and last game at home is often seen as a huge advantage for the home team due to the above mentioned reasons, plus all the fans in attendance. The concept of home-field advantage exists in most every sport, not just baseball.

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