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Home Run Derby

What is Home Run Derby?

The Home Run Derby is an annual event that occurs during the Major League Baseball All-Star break. The exhibition event consists of 8 (4 from each league) of the best home run hitters from the first half of the season competing in multiple elimination rounds to determine a single winner.

Year Winner Team League
1985 Dave Parker Cincinnati Reds NL
1986 Wally Joyner California Angels AL
1986 Darryl Strawberry New York Mets NL
1987 Andre Dawson Chicago Cubs NL
1988 Canceled    
1989 Eric Davis Cincinnati Reds NL
1990 Ryne Sandberg Chicago Cubs NL
1991 Cal Ripken, Jr. Baltimore Orioles AL
1992 Mark McGwire Oakland Athletics AL
1993 Juan González Texas Rangers AL
1994 Ken Griffey Jr Seattle Mariners AL
1995 Frank Thomas Chicago White Sox AL
1996 Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants NL
1997 Tino Martinez New York Yankees AL
1998 Ken Griffey Jr Seattle Mariners AL
1999 Ken Griffey Jr Seattle Mariners AL
2000 Sammy Sosa Chicago Cubs NL
2001 Luis Gonzalez Arizona Diamondbacks NL
2002 Jason Giambi New York Yankees AL
2003 Garret Anderson Anaheim Angels AL
2004 Miguel Tejada Baltimore Orioles AL
2005 Bobby Abreu Philadelphia Phillies NL
2006 Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies NL
2007 Vladimir Guerrero Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim AL
2008 Justin Morneau Minnesota Twins AL
2009 Prince Fielder Milwaukee Brewers NL
2010 David Ortiz Boston Red Sox AL
2011 Robinson Cano New York Yankees AL
2012 Prince Fielder Detroit Tigers AL

Sporting Charts explains Home Run Derby

Many consider the Home Run Derby the main attraction of the All-Star festivities as it allows fans and players alike to sit back and enjoy the league wide talent of players that not are seen on a regular basis.

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